For a limited 2 week period, “geaux” purchase your Cadet, Old Grad, family and friends a Louisiana West Point Athena shield hoodie especially designed for our state! Placing orders now will ensure a timely arrival for the holidays and cold weather season. Any money earned through this fundraiser will be used to directly support our cadets throughout the year. 

Please know this will be your ONLY opportunity remaining in 2023 to make this purchase and they will NOT be sold at the LSU game!

ALL ITEMS are PRE-ORDER only and will be produced and shipped AFTER the store closes on 30 OCTOBER. Please allow 6 weeks from the close date for items to start shipping. 

Items will arrive in mid-December prior to the Holidays.


ALL items purchased in this store are FINAL SALE.  We only produce the items that are ordered and no additional items will be available for exchange.