An e-commerce store that is available to your audience for pre-order. You offer a limited number of items for purchase with your logo or custom design. Orders are placed within a timeframe of your choosing; we typically suggest 2 weeks. Once the store is open your audience will place their orders within the chosen window. At the close of the store, items that were ordered will be produced, decorated and shipped directly to the customer.


1. No Upfront Cost!

2. Offer Up To 5 Different Items - We will help you choose 5 personalized items from our Product Portfolio.

3. Reach A Wider Audience - You will have a unique URL (authentiallyamerican.us/pages/YOUR NAME) that you can easily share!

4. We Take Care Of Shipping - Shipping is covered by the customer when they shop on your store. Once the store is closed, we will ship each individual order to the customer!

5. We Cover The Details - We will not only handle the shipping, but also customer service, returns etc. so your time can be spent marketing!


Marketing - this is crucial to meet minimums and for success with your store! Social Media is your best friend here!

Meeting Product Minimums - each product has a unique minimum that we will go over with you. We keep them low to allow you the ability to easily meet these, and exceed with marketing! (i.e. Tees typically have a minimum of 24 units, if you sell 23 in your store you will just need to purchase the extra tee to meet the minimum. - with lots of marketing this is never a problem and we have seen people sell hundreds of tees!)

Design - We need your help with ideas and logos for the products that are going in your store. We need vector files (.ai or.eps) of any logos or designs that you already have. We will also provide you with advice on what typically sells best!

Wording - We will need a short paragraph on your business, team or charity that will let your shoppers know who you are and what the program you are running is about. We will add in details about dates, shipping, etc.

Possible Additional Costs - If you do not have a vector file of your logo we can create this for you for a ONE TIME $50 fee. If you are choosing to emboirder any items we will need a DST (embroidery) file that is also a ONE TIME fee of $50. Both of these files will be provided back to you for future use. We will also keep them on file for you!