OPERATION BITCOIN delivers a comprehensive educational program that equips military veterans and active-duty service members with the knowledge and tools necessary to understand, engage with and teach others about Bitcoin and its larger impact on personal freedom and individual sovereignty.

As a nonprofit organization, our mission is fully funded by the support of those who boldly stand up to Preserve, Protect and Defend the right of the people to freely transact.

Your contributions go directly toward the accomplishment of our mission to introduce, educate, equip and motivate military veterans to help lead the world into the Bitcoin future.

Get On The Mission.

To learn more visit www.operationbitcoin.io

ALL ITEMS are PRE-ORDER only and will be produced and shipped AFTER the store closes on May 20thPlease allow 6 weeks from the close date for items to start shipping. 

Items will begin to arrive in mid-JULY.  

ALL items purchased in this store are FINAL SALE.  We only produce the items that are ordered and no additional items will be available for exchange.