Momentus Team, thank you for your hard work and commitment this year. 2022 was a pivotal one for our team, and the progress we made would not have happened without your relentless dedication to our mission. As you celebrate the holiday season, we want you to do it in style. Please use code MOMENTUS to receive one item from the list below. Free shipping is included. If you need to fill your closet with some extra gear, you’re welcome to order and pay for any additional shirts of your choosing. This site will be taking orders from 11/14/2022 until 12/6/2022.   Please let Tina Bella know of any questions. Thank you, and cheers to a happy holiday season!

These items are PRE-ORDER only, they will be produced after the store closes on 6 DECEMBER. Orders will be shipped after production and begin to arrive 6 weeks after the store closure on 6 DECEMBER (mid-January).