Hold the Fort Down is in the process of filing for a nonprofit. We are currently saving for the next steps in our business. Our goal is to give spouses of disabled veterans a retreat to focus on their self-care. Too often these unsung heroes are overlooked while they are the backbone to their family. They sacrifice their own well-being to help their partner. It is time to create a program that will empower these women to come together and form a fellowship for self-care that they can go home with. Hold the Fort Down is a one of a kind nonprofit. We will incorporate Mind, Body and Soul. Give them a sense of belonging and fill their cups with joy. 

Please consider purchasing our shirts as we are dedicated to helping our communities.

ALL ITEMS are PRE-ORDER only and will be produced and shipped AFTER the store closes on 13 NOVEMBER. Please allow 6+ weeks from the close date for items to start shipping. 

**Items are NOT GUARANTEED TO arrive by Christmas**

Items should arrive late December or early January.


ALL items purchased in this store are FINAL SALE.  We only produce the items that are ordered and no additional items will be available for exchange.