We are so excited to offer you each a Corpay garment selection to show our appreciation of your continued hard work and contribution to our success. Thank you! We are particularly excited to offer an array of styles that allow you to pick exactly what you want. And best of all, all of these garments are produced in the US. 

Use Discount Code CORPAY at checkout to receive one item covered by Corpay.

Please note that you can ship to one of our facilities (Brentwood, Beaverton or San Mateo) and we will cover all costs. If you’d like to ship directly to your home, you’ll be responsible for that postage.

PLEASE choose your shipping location carefully at checkout - once this choice is made it cannot be changed. 

Thanks again for all you do and here’s to a wonderful 2024! 

ALL ITEMS are PRE-ORDER only and will be produced and shipped AFTER the store closes on January 29thPlease allow 6 weeks from the close date for items to start shipping. 

Items will arrive in mid-March.  

If you are in-between sizes, we recommend sizing DOWN in the Unisex items and UP in the women's items.

ALL items purchased in this store are FINAL SALE.  We only produce the items that are ordered and no additional items will be available for exchange.