Chandler's Story

Chandler was born in Glendale, California in 1996 with Down Syndrome and immediately began life in a hurry by being airlifted to Children's Hospital in Los Angeles. 

Chandler was ready to meet the world, but his little lungs were not. Shortly after birth, he turned a light shade of blue which prompted quick action from the medical team. After lots of prayer and 11 days in the ICU, Chandler was finally able to come home. 

From the very beginning, Chandler was able to win people over with his signature smile, and it’s that ever-present smile that is still warming hearts to this day. 

As Chandler got older, he found he really enjoyed dressing to impress. From ties, bowties, sport coats and, of course, fun socks, Chandler loves being one dapper dude! 

In addition to being a snazzy dresser, Chandler is also the first one to jump in and help anyone who needs a hand. 

When it came time for Chandler to think about what he wanted to do after high school, a business that makes sure people look good and helps others along the way just made sense; Chandler’s EXTRAordinary Xtras was born and became his full time job. 

Chandler's goal is to not only bring some flair into people’s wardrobes but to bring awareness to the special needs community and the light they bring into the world. 


At Chan’s EXTRAordinary Xtras, our mission is to emphasize the ABILITY in disability, celebrate our differences, and do it all in style by providing fashionable accessories that look great and have meaning. After all, isn’t being different really what makes us all the same? All of our products are made right here in the USA as well, creating US jobs with each and every purchase!


Our Philosophy: we believe in “Paying it Forward” and every quarter a portion of all sales goes to an organization that helps both kids and adults with special needs and provides support to families.