Official 4-60th Air Defense Artillery Regiment Gear

Fighting Aces be sure to get your unit approved summer gear! 

Show your unit pride and let everyone know that you are a member of the battalion that was the First to Fire AND Last to Surrender. That you have been known by many names through the years "Wallace's Red Diamond Circus", the "Defenders of Corregidor", the "Fire Dragons of the Highway 19 Express", a today as the "FIGHTING ACES"!

All current members, family members, and veterans are welcome to to show their support and purchase authentic Fightiing Aces Apparel. 

Know your history and tell your story with pride!

Destiny is calling you...

"We Rule the Heavens... An Ace Until Death!" 

NOTE: The unit flash store will run through 03 JUN 2022 and items will ship 6-8 weeks after the store closes.